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Gimme Some a Yo' Sugar!

Gimme Some a Yo' Sugar!





1. Got My Modem Workin'

2. Crazy Harry

3. If You Were a Song

4. Gimme Some a Yo' Sugar!

5. Where are the Words

6. Listen What I Say

7. Scratch My Itch

8. Mustang Salsa

9. Willow Weep For Me

10. The Guardian Angel Song


12. Thank You for Loving Me

(photo by Kathleen Williamson)

"This recording really defies categorization. It spans jazz, ballads, blues, gospel and boogie. Lisa Otey grabs the listener by the ears and just won't let go. Vocally, I found some echoes of Maria Muldaur and instrumentally the spirit of Marcia Ball. Lisa has a jack-hammer left hand and she dishes out a boogie style that just won't quit. Lisa Otey proves to be a master of a delightfully risqué vocal technique, a required element of good blues. The singer's gritty vocal is both funny and full of feeling. " (Richard Bourcier, Jazz Review)

"...a trippy release from a wonderful pianist. Songs like "Got My Modem Workin'"... and "Green Eggs and Ham" are interwoven with serious, well-written love songs. Best Cut: "If You Were a Song," where Otey's voice is pure velvet." (Ed Ivey, Blues Revue)

"Humor sets this one apart from the rest: "Got My Modem Workin’," sung to the tune of Muddy’s classic (ouch!), and a blues reading of "Green Eggs & Ham" (stop, please!). Otherwise, Otey delivers standard jazz/blues fare and piano ballads. " (Blues Access)

"Lisa's playing is wonderful... from smooth-and-jazzy to great boogie woogie piano work, showing a huge technical experience, without losing track with the feeling behind it. Go and see her when she's in your neighborhood!"
(Marc Embee, Black, White & Blue)

"Dé klepper is ongetwijfeld Mustang Salsa, een hete brok Zuid-Amerikaans geweld met Lisa als een heetgebakerde stoeipoes trippelend over de toetsen."
(Marc Nolis, Rootstown Music)

"Underhållande...munter blues, boogie och valskrivna jazzballader. Otey bjuder på mycket humor och liveglöd. Man förstår att Otey ar en omtyckt scenprofil på hemmaplan!" (Gert-Ove Fridlund, Norra Skåne)

"The album includes the same wide range of music we’ve come to expect from the versatile Otey: from ragtime to electric Chicago-style blues; from Tin Pan Alley to boogie-woogie; from Latin grooves to contemporary jazz." (Gene Armstrong, The Arizona Daily Star)

"Hilarious lyrics and even funnier piano playing. This lady is a 'show girl' through and through...extremely talented...She's a perfect performance for an intimate setting." (Dave Glynn, The Fox Valley Blues Society)

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