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Blue Angel


Blue Angel
1996 Best of Tucson
Best Local Album Release




1. Yonder Come The Blues

2. Forty Cups Of Coffee

3. Motherless Child

4. Trouble In Mind

5. Is You Or Is You Ain't My Baby

6. Stormy Blues

7. Your Red Wagon

8. You Do Me Any Old Way

9. Honeysuckle Rose

10. St. Louis Blues

11. Round Dance Blues

12. Bye Bye Blues

(photo by Kathleen Williamson)

"(Catfish Choice)…Otey has a powerful, sultry voice, and the low-key arrangements…put it right out front where it belongs." -(Blues Access)

"4+ stars!!" -(Las Vegas Blues News)

"Full of rhythms drawn out like a long, hot summer. Slow and sultry, front porch swingin’, iced tea drinkin’ music for endless afternoons of wondering just where that scamp of a man has gotten himself off to...Makes for some very sensual interplay".- (Chuck Graham, Tucson Citizen)

"robust vocals, savvy song selection... excellent performances... startlingly good...she employs a close, moist intimacy in her delivery that doesn’t sacrifice unforgettable tour de force".- (Gene Armstrong, The Arizona Daily Star)

"Sexy, smoky Blues...thesound is great and the performances are perfect"! (Hans Olson)

"A joy and delight to my ears and my eyes...this self-produced artistry was solid blues,in the fashion of the masters whose songs she picked...her sultryvoice and hot piano licks perfectly spotlighted these bluesstandards...piano wizardry...leaves the listener with a happycase of the blues...a tribute...highly recommended".

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